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Margie Smeer Senior editor

MP3MyMP3 is a simple and handy application that lets you record the sound from various sources, such as a connected microphone or any stream played through the audio card of your computer. Therefore it can be used for a lot of purposes, such as recording the broadcast of online radio shows, capturing Skype calls and other phone conversations, converting the music from vinyl media to digital files, etc.

MP3MyMP3 comes with a lot of handy additional features and functions, such as scheduling capabilities, file renaming options, or silence detection.
Anyway, it is not only an audio recorder. It can also be used to rip audio CDs or play audio files. It can even batch rename multiple files at once. Unfortunately, it supports only 2 formats for the output files, MP3 and WAV, regardless if they are created as a result of sound recording or of CD ripping. Anyway, this is pretty much the only major downside of this tool. The rest are only benefits. For example, its interface is not only modern and elegant, but also very easy-to-use.

To sum it all up, MP3MyMP3 is a really handy sound recorder that offers undeniably helpful additional features, tools and options. Considering it’s also free, it earns my recommendation.


  • Easy-to-use.
  • Free.
  • Includes a CD ripper.
  • Can batch rename audio files.


  • Supports only WAV and MP3 as output formats.

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    Veeaarr Sonti 7 years ago

    It works beautifuuly - as touted and advertised. The problem is that there is an auxiliary program from somebody called "relevant Knowledge." It plaxces an icon in the Systems Tray. This can be removed. BUT Beware of trying to remove this auxiliary program from Control Panel's " Add or Remove . . ." If you do, it retains a certain dll caled rls. in the Program Files.This will stay permanently there. IF YOU WANT TO DELETETE MP3MYMP3 THEN REMOVE IT without bothering with "Relevant Knoeledge" and THEN remove Relevant Knowledge. The folder in 'Program Files will disappear for good. BE CAREFUL.


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